Besides offering a personalised funeral service I am at your service for the celebration of other important milestone events in your life.  These can be conducted in any place of your choice.

 Dublin - Celebrating Life's Milestones

Some examples:

Baby Naming Ceremonies where a baby, the cause of so much joy, is simply, warmly and meaningfully given a name and welcomed into the community of life on earth. Celebrating the arrival of a baby with a Naming Ceremony is a very special occasion.

It is an opportunity to welcome this new little bundle of joy into your family with wishes, hopes and promise for the future. Your ceremony will be personalised, individual and full of meaning and will give you the chance to celebrate and remember this special event.

Anniversary Celebrations marking a significant milestone in a relationship.

Renewal of Vows ceremonies either private or public.


Please let me know what it is you wish to have celebrated and together we will work to make the occasion a meaningful and memorable life event.

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated” – Osho