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What happens to your online data when you die?
In these times when a growing amount of our information is stored online, there is the increasingly important question “what will become of my online data and information on my death?”

This is worth careful thought and attention.
There is a strong argument for having your data stored in a place over which you have control rather than solely in the cloud, for example in the likes of iCloud, OneDrive, Google Cloud and other such services.

This is not intended to discourage the idea of keeping an updated back up of all your data in online services. 

You need a backup in order to recover your data if you are to avoid losing everything when, sooner or later, your computer fails.

But if you look at the terms and conditions attached to online services you will see that it is not a foregone conclusion that your on-line information and on-line assets will become available to your estate when you die.

Important advice from Irish Hospice Foundation on this subject can be found

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