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Your Civil Funeral Celebrant

You are looking for a Civil Funeral Celebrant in Dublin. 
Here is how I can help.


I have many years of experience of End of Life issues.  Through those years I have helped many families cope with having lost a loved family member. So I can help you plan a fitting funeral ceremony for your loved one.


My meditations, including those on the subjects of bereavement and change, are available on the Insight Timer Meditation App. These meditations have been listened to more than three quarters of a million times. My books include The Gratitude Response and A Wave of Blessing. These books are available from Amazon as paperbacks and as e-books for Kindle and e-readers. HERE is a link to my meditations list. Simply download the App in order to listen to them

Meeting you

We will meet at your home, or at the funeral home, if that is what you prefer. When we meet I will consult with you and put you at your ease. Together we can create exactly the funeral ceremony you wish to arrange. So, whatever your wishes are for the funeral, I am here to help make them happen.

Each person unique

Each person is a unique individual. Therefore every funeral should be as unique and as individual as the person concerned. With this in view I have undergone training as Civil Funeral Celebrant. This training is provided by The Irish Institute of Celebrants. Having been trained and endorsed by the IIOC you can be re-assured of my commitment to get matters right for you and your family at this time. Together we can arrange a special ceremony for your loved one. That ceremony can include as much or as little religious content as you wish. That content will reflect the beliefs and practices of the deceased person. It will also take into account the beliefs and practices of the family and mourners.

My role

To arrange a funeral is a special privilege. This is a time when families are feeling sadness and pain. Naturally they are overwhelmed by the loss of a loved one. Whatever your situation, I’d like to help you through this.

Before the funeral

As your civil funeral celebrant I will work with your funeral director and with the crematorium and cemetery staff. At a funeral, you will, of course, mourn the loss of your loved one. Even so, a personal funeral is also your opportunity to celebrate and express thanks for the life of the person. To help you achieve this, I can help you select appropriate music, readings and poems. I will write, or help you to write, the eulogy (tribute). The eulogy reflects the life, character, achievements, hopes, beliefs and values of your loved one.

On the day

On the day of the funeral, I will conduct the ceremony ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible. I will assist family and friends if they wish to be involved in any part of the ceremony. You might for instance have people who would like to read, play music or to deliver the eulogy.

At your service

I can promise you a reliable, empathetic service, meeting you on time wherever required and easing your way through your time of loss.

Civil Funerals Dublin - Visiting Card

I have been endorsed by 
The Irish Institute of Celebrants
and I adhere to their code of ethics.

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Ready to help

So be assured that whatever the circumstances, you will find me ready, willing and able to assist you with the preparation and delivery of a fitting tribute to your loved one with kindness, understanding and compassion guaranteed.

Simply click on the link below to arrange a meeting

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