Yes, you can arrange a funeral which reflects the life of the person whose loss is mourned.

A civil funeral may include religious references all according to the beliefs of the person concerned.

A personalised funeral is your opportunity to express thanks for the life of your loved one and to celebrate that life by means of a ceremony which expresses the lived life of the individual concerned in accordance with wishes of the family.

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People who subscribe to a particular religious faith will, in most cases, have a funeral which is conducted by a minister of that faith in accordance with custom.

Other people may seek to have a personalised ceremony which is the service I offer. That ceremony may include readings from a wide variety of sources including prayers and readings from a wide spectrum of religious, philosophical or secular texts all depending upon the wishes of the family in question and the beliefs and practices of the deceased person.

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The funeral ceremony can be held almost anywhere you wish, not only in a crematorium (which is most usual) but also at home or in a funeral home or other premises all in accordance with the wishes of the person charged with making the arrangements.  In fact, if you select a place of your own for the main funeral service you will not be bound by the time constraints which, of necessity, you will find at a crematorium.  That main service can then be followed by a short, simple meaningful committal at a crematorium or in a cemetery.

I can be approached directly or through a Funeral Director. I will arrange to come and meet you and hear about the life, hopes, dreams, achievements and philosophy of your loved one. This will enable me to prepare, for your approval, a meaningful ceremony which celebrates the life of the person whose loss is mourned. You may include music, readings, prayers or poetry which have special significance for you or for your loved one.

The choice of music is particularly important. When you reflect back on this ceremony, which is a tribute to your loved one, you will not want to recall the playing of some piece of music which fails to reflect the significance of the occasion. The music need not be solemn but neither should it be undistinguished and lightweight. “Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine” says Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, known by his stage name, Macklemore.

It is a harrowing time for a family when a loved one dies. In a short period of time, and at an emotionally distressing time, the next of kin are faced with making many choices and decisions about the funeral arrangements. It is possible in this situation to allow the ceremony itself to fall into a routine which does not particularly reflect the lived life that we wish to celebrate. My aim is to put together a service that will be a fitting and memorable tribute to the life of your loved one.

I have trained with and been endorsed by The Irish Institute of Celebrants and I adhere to their code of ethics.

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