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Yes, you can arrange a personal funeral which reflects the life of the person whom you have lost.
With such a funeral you to express thanks for the unique life of your loved one.
In this way you celebrate the lived life of the individual concerned.
Note also that a personal funeral is all prepared in accordance with the wishes of the family.

What do I charge?
Mourners only see a ceremony lasting perhaps less than an hour but much preparation has to go in to the taking of instructions, visiting the family, getting to understand the personality of the deceased, planning appropriate words, preparing the ceremony, having it approved by the family, liaising with undertaker and crematorium and finally conducting the public part on the day. Preparing a suitable and individual ceremony involves many hours work behind the scenes in order that a fitting celebration of life can take place on the day. My fee for a crematorium based service in Dublin as of 2019 is €250. In a situation where there is a financial burden please have a word with me and you will find that I am happy to take the circumstances into account and accept whatever can be afforded. Everyone is entitled to a respectful ceremony of remembrance and money should not be an issue in that respect.

Civil Funerals Dublin - Personal Funeral - Quote: We are as individual as snowflakes

Civil Funerals

A civil funeral may include religious references in accordance with the beliefs of the person concerned.

People who are practising members of a particular religious faith will have a funeral conducted by a minister of that faith. But there are also people who have lapsed from the practice of their faith. For them a funeral in their former faith tradition might be considered hypocritical. There are people too who have no particular religious affiliation but who would not wish that their funeral be simply a secular affair.

So for various reasons people may wish to have a bespoke funeral and this is the service which I provide. This individualised funeral ceremony is not limited by a set formula. It may for example include readings taken from a wide variety of sources. Or it may also include prayers and readings from a spectrum of religious or secular texts. In other words all will depend on the wishes of the family and the beliefs of the deceased person.

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Where to hold the ceremony:

A funeral ceremony can be held almost anywhere you wish. Obviously this can take place in a cemetery or a crematorium. On the other hand it could just as easily take place at home or in a funeral home or some other place of your choice. Remember, if you select a venue of your own for the main funeral service there will be no time constraints. It follows that if you select such a place you won’t be confined to the time slots which you will find at a crematorium. Of course any such main service can be followed by a short but still meaningful committal at a crematorium or in a cemetery.

Contacting me:

You may approach me directly or through a Funeral Director. I will come and meet you at an agreed time and place. At that meeting you will tell me about the life, hopes, dreams, achievements and philosophy of your loved one. Based on what you tell me I will draft a meaningful ceremony for your approval. The funeral service will attempt to celebrate the life of the person whom you have lost. You may include music, readings, prayers or poetry which have special significance for you or for your loved one.

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Your choice of music is particularly important. This is because when you reflect back on this ceremony, you will wish to recall music which reflects the significance of the occasion.

The musical part of the ceremony need not be solemn but neither should it be trivial. Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, known by his stage name, Macklemore say this: Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine” And of course in the case of a personal funeral you have a limitless selection of music from which to decide.

The death of a loved one is a harrowing time for family and friends. At such an emotionally distressing time, the next of kin have to make many choices and reach quick decisions about funeral arrangements. In this situation the ceremony might fall into a routine which does not reflect the life you wish to celebrate. Therefore I aim to put together a service that will be a fitting and memorable tribute to the life of your loved one.

I have trained with and been endorsed by The Irish Institute of Celebrants and I adhere to their code of ethics.

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