Do you need to organise a funeral service?

Are the circumstances such that a church service is not appropriate or is felt to be hypocritical? (which is not to say that spiritual and religious elements are to be excluded – many people who are not attending a church are engaged in a spiritual life and a search for meaning.  For them a purely humanist ceremony would not adequately reflect their life)

Do you want to have a service which is individual, created to suit your particular requirements, not just a formula which has been used time and time again or a standard blueprint laid down by a particular creed?

Are you looking for an independent celebrant who is available to all who may need him?

In other words are you are looking for a bespoke ceremony which reflects and celebrates the life of the individual?

Your search is over.

I believe I can be of help.

All you have to do is to go to the contact page or use the contact form on any page.

Tony Brady

Civil Funerals Dublin - Tony Brady looking over Glasnevin Cemetery